Berta Colony, the new bridal couture F/W 2021 collection

The new masterpiece bridal couture collection from the most dominant designer in the world.

After a long anticipation, the new Berta Colony collection was revealed and as you can see, it was certainly worth the wait. This new bridal couture collection for Fall/Winter 2021 is nothing short of a true masterpiece.

The Colony collection is filled with intricate, sophisticated and glamorous creations that were created with beautiful blend of rich fabrics, refreshing twists on traditional silhouettes and a whole lot of that BERTA glam. Alongside styles that became synonymous with BERTA, you will also find new takes on the traditional bridal look, new cuts and use of beautifully detailed new fabrics and materials.

This stunning collection has a scent of royalty, going deeper into a world of luxury, couture and drama, as once again BERTA set the standard in what is truly bridal couture.

Berta Colony is a collection made for the fashion forward bride, a sophisticated and confident individual that looks to stand out and express herself, whether dramatically or in an a more understated fashion. One way or the other, going BERTA assures you that you will look and feel nothing short of fabulous.

To see the whole collection, visit: https://www.berta.com


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