Bask Nest, Gili Meno, Indonesia

Postcard: Bask Nest, Gili Meno, Indonesia

Fast becoming the number one must see attraction on the Gili Islands, the hauntingly beautiful underwater sculpture designed by Jason deCaires Taylor comprises of a circle of 48 life-size figures that are becoming a coral reef.

  • The sculpture is located off the coast of the small island of Gili Meno, between Bali and Lombok.
  • Depth: 4 metres
  • Installation date: 2017
  • Gili Islands in Indonesia are known for their pristine waters, incredible coral and diverse marine life.
  • Gili Islands are 3 small islands off the coast of Lombok. Gili Meno is the middle island between Gili Trawangan and Gili Air.
  • The man-made reef is situated in shallow water on the west coast of Gili Meno, only a short swim from the beach.
  • A circle of 48 life-size figures, standing together and curled up on the ground is expected to become covered in coral.
  • The interlocking pieces of the underwater sculpture connect to provide a platform for marine life to colonise and inhabit. As corals continue to form on the pH neutral sculptures, more and more marine life will form.
  • The sculpture is made from a pH neutral, environmental-grade concrete and based on casts of real people.
  • In Jason DeCaires Taylor’s words: “First and foremost, BASK Nest is an environmental space. The figures are arranged in a circular formation as an echo of the circle of life, and they will soon teem with life. Soft corals and sponges should flourish quickly paving the way for delicate hard corals and a fully established reef”.

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Photo: BASK.
Photo: BASK.

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