Golden Bridge, Da Nang, Vietnam

Postcard: Golden Bridge, Da Nang, Vietnam

Golden Bridge is no less than an iconic architectural wonder that envisages the sash-like route across the heaven.

  • Golden Bridge is located on top of Ba Na Hills, 1.414 m above sea level.
  • It is located near Da Nang in central Vietnam.
  • The bridge winds its way around a 150 metre course lined with flowers.
  • The bridge is divided into eight spans. Along each perimeter is a line of Lobelia Chrysanthemum flowers, adding a further layer of color to the gold balustrades.
  • Representing the hands of a mountain god, two large mossy stone structures can be seen “lifting” the bridge above the peak.
  • The bridge is called “Cau Vang”, which means Golden Bridge.
  • The root of the name “Golden Bridge” comes from its gilded railing frame.
  • The bridge is regarded as a special transit stop to deliver visitors from the mountain foot or the French Village to La Jardin D’Amour Gardens.
  • The bridge was created by TA Landscape Architecture and it opened in June 2018.
  • It was voted by TIME magazine as one of the “Top 10 best destinations of the world 2018“.
  • City of Da Nang is well-known among Vietnam as the city of bridges with many impressive bridges along the Han River.
Photo: Smashpop.
Photo: Tim Whybrow.

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