American Pie

When American Pie hit the theaters in 1999, it became a worldwide pop culture phenomenon, resulting in three direct sequels. The fourth film, American Reunion, was released in 2012. But, could another American Pie be in the works?

When American Pie hit the theaters in 1999, it became a worldwide pop culture phenomenon, resulting in three direct sequels. The second and third films were released at two-year intervals, while we had to wait for the fourth film until 2012. The franchise also has spin-off film series titled American Pie Presents, that consists of five direct-to-video films. American Pie is an iconic comedy that most of us remember from our teenage or young adult years and we have all watched it many times.

But, could another American Pie be in the works? Just recently, Tara Reid revealed in an interview that “There is a script out there and it’s one of the best ones. It will happen, I just don’t know when.”

Where it all began…

Five high school seniors and friends from East Great Falls: Jim, an awkward and sexually naive nerd whose dad offers him pornography and unwanted sexual advice; “Oz”, overconfident star of the lacrosse team; Kevin, the calm leader of the group seeking to lose his virginity to his girlfriend Vicky; Finch, a mochaccino-drinking sophisticate; and Stifler, a popular but raucous jock who often throws wild parties and is the only one of the five who is not a virgin. The story focuses on the pact of four naive high school virgins (Kevin, Oz, Finch and Jim) to lose their virginities before high school ends. A film that gives you laughs at every moment.

Home for the summer after college, Jim, Kevin, “Oz” and Finch attend Stifler’s party until the police shuts it down. Kevin is inspired by his brother to rent a Lake Michiganbeach house and throw a massive party to close out the summer. The boys get jobs painting houses in order to afford the rent. Jim receives a call from former love interest Nadia who informs him that she plans to visit him. To gain sexual experience, Jim seeks out his prom date, Michelle, who agrees to help him after he is mistaken for a mentally challenged trombone prodigy and makes a fool of himself in front of a band camp concert audience. Another film from the franchise that has you laughing throughout.

Jim and Michelle are getting married and Jim wishes to exclude Stifler from the wedding; who becomes upset when he learns of this. Stifler agrees to teach Jim how to dance if he is allowed at the wedding. Jim asks Stifler to tone down his obnoxious personality in exchange for planning the bachelor party. Jim, Stifler, Finch and Kevin travel to Chicagoo when they discover there is only one designer who makes the dress that Michelle wants. Stifler unwittingly walks into a gay bar and his raucous behavior gets him into a dispute with several patrons. Stifler defeats Bear in a dance-off, who offers to provide stripper for the bachelor party. Of course, this one also delivers all the laughs.

Thirteen years after their high school graduation, Jim lives in the Chicago area with his wife Michelle and their two-year-old son, “Oz” works as a sportscaster in L.A. with his unfaithful supermodel girlfriend Mia and unhappy, Kevin is married and works from home as an architect, Finch tells his friends that he has been traveling the world and Stifler works as an office temp for a verbally abusive boss. They all come back to East Great Falls for their high school reunion. In a true American Pie fashion, the film offers a lot of funny scenes.

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