Savica Waterfall, Slovenia

Postcard: Savica Waterfall, Slovenia

Unique. Mysterious in its duality. Praised in Slovenian poetry, mystical and mysterious. 

  • Savica Waterfall is a waterfall in northwestern Slovenia. It is located in Triglav National Park.
  • Savica is very unique among world waterfalls – its watercourse is divided into two parts in the hidden undergrounds.
  • The famous A-shaped waterfall normally comes into sight at an altitude of 836 m and is 78 m high.
  • A large portion of water is sourced from a karts basin around Black Lake, the lowest lying lake in the Triglav Lakes Valley, which lies around 500 meters higher above the waterfall, because of which the spring has a relatively steady and strong flow.
  • The Savica Waterfall is the source of Sava Bohinjka, known under the name of Savica to the spot where it flows into Lake Bohinj.
  • Supposedly, at the rising sun at the Savica Waterfall, the famous Slovenian poet France Preseren drew inspiration for the most important Slovenian epic poem, Krst pri Savici.
  • Breathtaking Savica Waterfall is one of the most famous waterfalls in Slovenia.
Photo: Jana Letonja

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