Postcard: Maldives

Maldives are the world’s leading destination. It is a dream tropical getaway destination, a paradise… the sunny side of life.

  • Maldives is a nation of islands in the Indian Ocean that spans across the equator. 
  • It is comprised of 1.192 islands that stretch along a length of 871 kilometers.
  • The islands are grouped into a double chain of 26 atolls.
  • Maldives cover an area of approximately 90.000 square kilometers, but only 298 square kilometers of that is dry land.
  • Only 200 of the islands are inhabited, and a select few on each of the atolls are resorts.
  • Maldives’ unique geography mesmerizes the visitor. Reefs that offer bands of color, tiny jewel-like islands rimmed with the whitest of soft sand surrounded by the clearest shallow waters that one can imagine.
  • The beauty of the Maldives is not only above the water. The Maldives is home to about five percent of the planet’s reefs that comes with an explosion of color contributed by soft and hard corals that form them. The reefs are home to a thousand species of fish. 
  • The country’s culture and traditions and the diverse physical traits of the people is due to its geographical location, which is a melting pot of people and cultures. 
  • The Maldivian language is Dhivehi, an Indo-Aryan language with its origins in Sanskrit.
  • From the super luxury to the more affordable, the resorts of the Maldives have one thing in common. Each resort boasts it’s very own private island. 
  • Maldives have year-round hot tropical climate. The average high temperature is 31.5 and the average low temperature is 26.4 degree Celsius. The Southwest monsoon from May to October brings rain and from November to April it is sunny, due to the Northeast monsoon.

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