Mersea Island, England

Postcard: Mersea Island, England

The best kept secret in Essex. Mersea Island is an idyllic location with a glowing reputation for beautiful scenery and historic charm.

  • Mersea Island is located 14 km south east of military town of Colchester and covering 18 square kilometres.
  • it is one of 43 (unbridged) tidal islands which can be accessed on foot or by road from the British mainland.
  • Its name comes from the Old English word meresig, meaning “island of the pool” and thus is tautological. 
  • The island is split into two main areas, West Mersea and East Mersea, and connected to the mainland by the Strood.
  • West Mersea is the main inhabited area containing the jetty and marina and East Mersea is predominantly farmland.
  • Twice each 24 hours, Mersea has a high tide and sometimes this covers the road and prevents anyone from entering or leaving the magical little island.
  • Mersea is the UK’s most Easterly inhabited island with population of just under 7.000.
  • Fishing is a key industry on the island, particularly oysters, and along with tourism makes up a significant part of the island’s economy.
  • A week-long festival of boat racing, Mersea Week, takes place every August.
  • There are six camping and caravanning sites on the island, the largest being Cooper’s Beach.
  • It is a great place to visit at any time of the year.

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Photo: Holly Farrier
Photo: Mark Simms

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