Crystal Caves, Bermuda

Postcard: Crystal Caves, Bermuda

Crystal Caves are Bermuda’s top visitor attraction. Deep, clear underground pools of azure blue water. Incredible formations of every size and shape imaginable. Cave ceilings adorned with rare chandelier clusters and delicate crystallized soda straws. 

  • The Crystal caves are a natural wonder. Formed over millions of years, these not-to-be-missed caves feature stunning azure underground pools and incredible formations of every size and shape imaginable.
  • They are in the British overseas territory of Bermuda, located in Hamilton Parish, close to Castle Harbour.
  • They consist of Crystal cave and Fantasy cave.
  • The caves are known for their beauty, with many stalactites, stalagmites and deep, clear pools.
  • Crystal cave is approximately 500 m long and 62 m deep. The lower 19–20 m of the cave are below water level.
  • When you descent down the walkway into Crystal Cave, pathways of floating pontoons spread out before you, spanning a crystal clear underground lake.  As you peer into the water, spectacular formations seem to exist mere inches beneath the surface.  In fact, they are over 50 feet below you, a testimony to the incredible clarity of the lake.  Above you, an amazing profusion of pristine white stalactites covered with crystallized soda straws are affixed to the roof of the cave.
  • Fantasy cave is deeper than Crystal cave (88 steps down). It was reopened in the summer of 2001 with all the pathways rebuilt and re-illuminated by artificial lighting.
  • Fantasy cave is a virtual jewel box of stunning formations.  It brings you face-to-face with entire walls covered in calcite mineral deposits nature has shaped to resemble majestic waterfalls frozen in time.  Reflections from the deep pools dance before you on the surfaces of the cave.  Gazing into the crystal clear water, you can see the beginnings of the passageways connecting the caves with the ocean.
  • The lake in the caves is called the Cahow Lake and what makes it unique is that it is directly fed by the Atlantic Ocean. The water that flows through it is salt water.
  • Crystal caves have been a tourist attraction since 1907. They were discovered in 1905 by Carl Gibbons and Edgar Hollis, two 12-year-old boys searching for a lost cricket ball.
Photo: The Bermuda Tourism Authority
Photo: Betsy Knapp

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