Blue Hole, Jamaica

Postcard: Blue Hole, Jamaica

The Blue Hole is undoubtedly one of Jamaica’s hidden treasures complimented by its beauty and serenity.

  • Blue Hole is located in Jamaica’s White River Valley which hugs the borders of beautiful parish St. Mary and the garden parish St. Ann in Ocho Rios.
  • It is aptly named because of the unbelievably bright and beautiful turquoise water of the White River nestled high in the hills of St. Mary.
  • Blue Hole is also known as “Secret Falls” and “Irie Blue Hole”.
  • A true hidden gem and a piece of paradise, it sits perfectly in the rain forest mountains amongst lush greenery and exotic flowers.
  • Blue Hole creates cascades of waterfalls approximately 6 to 7.6 m deep.
  • This stunning swimming hole is divided into two sections – a main section for diving and a waterfall section to relax in. 
  • The cool waters make for a perfect company under the hot Jamaican sun while strategically placed rope swings add the touch of adrenaline to the entrance for those who are looking for some fun.
  • A walk in either direction up the river leads to beautiful cascades that are as enjoyable to admire as they are to swim around. Those looking for even more hidden treasure will want to keep their eyes open for the small caves that dot the banks.
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