Chat with Jacob Elordi for the launch of BOSS THE SCENT Le Parfum

Australian actor Jacob Elordi is the new face of BOSS Parfums and Eyewear collection. The 24-year-old star of the Euphoria series joins the global BOSS family and is starring in his first fragrance and eyewear campaign. Exuding all the qualities of the BOSS man – confidence, elegance and inimitable style – Elordi also represents an ongoing evolution of modern masculinity as embodied by BOSS. 

Australian actor Jacob Elordi is the new face of BOSS Parfums and Eyewear collection. The 24-year-old star of the Euphoria series joins the global BOSS family and is starring in his first fragrance and eyewear campaign. 

Exuding all the qualities of the BOSS man – confidence, elegance and inimitable style – Elordi also represents an ongoing evolution of modern masculinity as embodied by BOSS. 

In this new era, emotional strength has as much power and impact as physical toughness and a man’s determination to follow his own path is what fires his ambition to reach his goals. With the individual at the heart of his own journey, success is defined in a more multi-faceted way than ever before. 

Elordi’s inner drive, adventurous spirit and limitless potential make him a perfect fit for BOSS as it looks towards the future. The actor joins a roster of international talent, including his compatriot Chris Hemsworth, at the iconic global brand as it continues to innovate, evolve and inspire.

In 2019 HBO’s “Euphoria” made its debut in the US and quickly caught attention all around the world. In your opinion, why is Sam Levinson’s creation so successful and how does the show differentiate itself from other coming of age dramas? 

I can’t really speak to its success, but what I do know and why I enjoy being there, is Sam cares about every single detail of the filmmaking process. And I assume that’s what gravitates people towards it, his level of care and attention to detail, and the fact that he’s a filmmaker and he cares about movies and he cares about the story. And I think that’s what differentiates it, in my opinion, from other things, how personal it is and how much he cares about it.

The character you are portraying, Nathaniel Jacobs, is a star quarterback of East Highland High school and a popular student who secretly struggles with childhood traumas and anger management issues. How was it for you to play such a multi-faceted role and how did you prepare for it? 

Honestly, it’s such a treat to play him, because just like you say, there are all these different things going on in this boy’s head. So as an actor, I get to examine it and process it and think about it and attack it from all these different angles. And there are non-stop things to think about. And it’s completely different to my life, so it’s a real treat to take it and take a walk in his shoes and see what that’s like.

You were recently busy filming season 2. How was it being back on set after such a long time and what can we expect from the plot and also from you character Nate’s development? 

It was so good to get back. It’s been two years since we shot the last season and it came out and everyone was really excited, so it was strange to not go straight back into shooting it. The show has matured a lot. It’s like filming a completely different show. And Nate is like a different person. We definitely see a different part of him, so I’m excited for everyone to watch it.

You are one of the most talented actors of this era. With a lot of acting, as well as all the other opportunities one must always take care of having a good balance in life. How do you take care of balance between your work and personal life, especially nowadays?

I feel like it’s an ongoing process. When you work a lot, it’s hard to take care of yourself. But then, when you’re taking care of yourself, you’re not working a lot. I’m still trying to find the balance between the two. I love to work and I feel like working is taking care of myself, so they kind of co-exist a little bit.

Just as Euphoria, your new campaign with Boss for the launch of BOSS THE SCENT Le Parfum bends reality and fantasy and puts things in different perspectives. How do you bend reality and what do you do to step out of your comfort zone?

I feel like my whole life I have always kind of tried to have a sense of play in everything that I do and I try to keep it quite light, so maybe that is a form of bending reality. Kind of like this Peter Pan complex. And in doing that, I’m kind of always out of my comfort zone, I guess. And I think being an actor is about being out of your comfort zone as often as possible.

BOSS describes The Scent for him as embodying raw, mysterios charisma. In what way do you think this fragrance connects with your personality?

I don’t know if it really connects with my personality. If I think about it, when I’m wearing it, it gives me the confidence to be more myself and be more the man that I want to be. I think it just aids you in getting that confidence. 

The scent offers an exquisite twist of iris and leather combined with an aphrodisiac accord of ginger and Maninka fruit. How would you personally describe the scent and which feelings arise when you wear it? 

How would I personally describe it? Iris and leather. I think the leather speaks to me the most about it. A lot of perfumes can smell like, I don’t know how to explain it, but not natural. You know, you walk into a bar or somewhere and you can smell somebody’s cologne. I feel like the new Boss The Scent smells much more natural and more subtle. It’s not in-your-face and overbearing.

You were born in Australia. How was it growing up in Australia and which cultural differences did you experience when moving to the US?

Growing up in Australia was the greatest gift I’ve ever had. Obviously, there’s certain nostalgia connected to growing up, so I think growing up anywhere is going to be a great experience in some kind of way. Everything about it is different to America. Every single aspect is a different culture. So yes, completely chalk and cheese. Completely different experiences.

You are back in the US now with all the filming that is going on. What do you like the most about living in LA and what bothers you about it? 

I really appreciate the weather and the people that I know there I really, really love. But the worst thing is probably the traffic. Traffic and how far away everything is.

Freedom is something each one of us craves in life. What is the one thing you would say makes you feel the most free?

The freest I feel is when I’m at home with my family. That definitely gives me the greatest feeling of freedom.

You have a very unique fashion style. How would you describe it in your own words? And what is your opinion about genderless fashion, which is becoming more and more common and integrated in fashion.

I think my style is just whatever is comfortable and in my cupboard. I don’t really give it a lot of thought. In terms of genderless fashion, I feel like clothes are clothes and you wear what makes you feel happy and puts a smile on your face and makes you feel comfortable. 

What is the most Australian dish you can think of and are there any recipes you would unconditionally want to establish in the US? If so, what American dish would you replace it with?

I’ve been thinking about this actually. We have this thing called a sausage sizzle at home. And at the hardware store or at the beach, it’s just basically cooked sausage on a piece of white bread with tomato sauce and maybe some onions, if you’re partial, and that’s it. And it’s $2. And that’s lunch, growing up. I want one really, really badly and I wish they had it here. I wish that was a thing here, but it’s not. And literally any Australian, they will 100 % know what it is and I guarantee they will love it. 

What’s an American dish that I would replace it with? Anything with shrimp in it. 

This interview was done for Numéro Netherlands by Jana Letonja, Jan Schmidt & Timi Letonja.

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