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Madison Shamoun returns as the lead in Amazon’s 'The Lake' for the fan and critic-favorite series’ second season, which premieres today. Most recently, she was also seen on the hit CW series 'All American'.

Madison Shamoun returns as the lead in Amazon’s The Lake for the fan and critic-favorite series’ second season, which premieres todayMost recently, she was also seen on the hit CW series All American.

Madison, you’re returning as Billie in the second season of Amazon’s series ‘The Lake’. What can we expect to see in the second season?

Season 2 follows your favorite family for another wild summer. From sibling feuds to whacky stepmoms, a farce and an ongoing mystery, this season’s got the same raunchiness from last year, with a whole lotta heart.

In the series you portray a teenager, whose father wants to re-connect with her after giving her up for adoption. How would you describe their relationship?

Billie and Justin’s relationship in season 2 is great. They’re the closest they’ve ever been. She spent the holiday with him. I think she’s becoming more and more like him as time passes as well, which is both good and also kind of naughty. We get to see that come into play this season.

How is it working with Julia Stiles?

Always a pleasure. We had way more scenes together this season, so we got to play around more. She really crushes it. I can’t wait for people to see her in this light.

You have also just recently starred in the fift season of CW’S series ‘All American’, which has been renewed for the sixt season. Will you be reprising your role when the series returns to our screens?

I’m not sure to be completely honest. And I’m not sure I could say even if I was. The fandom on ‘All American’ is huge, they like to keep things pretty under wraps. I could see a world in which Skye returns, but we left things in a pretty bleak way between her and Coop.

Your passion for musical theater and talents for acting, dancing and singing started when you were very young. What attracted you to musical theater?

I had told my parents I wanted to be an actor and I think they were overwhelmed by that. They didn’t really know where to begin in terms of getting me an agent/manager, so they put me in theater. Musical theater was a way for me to get training and also socialize and meet other kids like me. My mom used to take me to ‘Wicked’ and ‘Book of Mormon’ for my birthdays growing up, so I was more than happy to give musical theater a try.

Your star potential and undeniable talent have been recognized with two National Youth Theater Awards for Best Supporting Actress. How have these awards fueled your passion and drive for acting?

I believe I got both of those awards when I was in high school, so that feels like such a different lifetime for me. Baby Madz was super flattered, but nervous about the whole awards show. I remember not really understanding how it all worked, but it’s always a good time getting to celebrate art and my peer’s performances. 

You also have a talent for singing. We’ve been able to hear your amazing voice in the first season of ‘The Lake’ when you did a cover of Des’ree’s ‘You Gotta Be’. Is music something you want to pursue professionally?

I don’t think so. I’m very much an actor who can sing and not a singer if that makes sense. I mean, I’d love to have my shot at Cinderella in ‘Into The Woods’ one day, but truly, I really only sing if the character requires it. I don’t go looking for singing related roles. 

What goals have you set for yourself for your career? What kind of roles do you really wish to get to portray?

I want to do everything. I’m dying to do something dark and dramatic. Dramedy is always fun. Anything A24 really. I like complicated characters and stories, but it’s less about the roles themselves and more about the script, the people I’m hoping to work with. 

When you’re not on set, how do you love spending your free time?

I’m definitely in my self-care era. Lots of meal prepping, working out, therapy, deep dive research into nutrition and healing my inflammation/autoimmune disease. Apart from that, I’m writing, reading and auditioning. Just normal actor stuff.

Photography: Ben Cope

This interview was done for Numéro Netherlands by Jana Letonja.

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