A journalist, photographer, creative soul…

A creative soul with a whole lot of different passions. But, I’ve always loved to write.

My motto in life is “To travel is to live” and once upon a time I left my heart in Hawaii, my happy place.

My love of traveling the world and a long list of places on my bucket list (which I still need to discover), led me to writing articles about and photograph our beautiful, colorful, diverse and exotic world. 

Since I was a little kid, I loved sports.​ And since always I wanted to be a sports journalist.

As long as I remember, I’ve followed the world of film, TV and music with an enthusiasm. It’s not a secret, I can’t live without music. The world of Film and TV is just another thing I’m passionate about.

And while writing for a magazine, I also got to discover the world of fashion. I kind of became addicted with some of the designers and started to love telling stories through their collections.