Gala Girls, Galia Lahav’s Gala Bridal Fall 2022 collection

Luxury fashion house Galia Lahav unveils their latest GALA collection Gala Girls, inspired by present-day small and silver screen actresses who have become timeless style inspirations. Designers Galia Lahav and Sharon Sever introduce their new collection of wedding gowns in their made-to-order bridal line for brides who look to these pop culture icons as their fashion muses.


Telenovela, Galia Lahav’s Couture Bridal Fall 2022 collection

This Galia Lahav Couture collection is unlike any other, rising from the imaginative world of television characters and offering a glimmering hope to what they represent in our own lives. Brides can shape their perfect love story through Telenovela, where happiness is the ending to a season of lockdown and the beginning to a bride’s sequel of love.


Do Not Disturb, Galia Lahav’s Couture Spring 2022 bridal collection

The spring summer Galia Lahav couture collection “Do Not Disturb” welcomes a new era of fashion-forward brides, seeking individuality and unapologetic uniqueness. Designers Galia Lahav and Sharon Sever invite you to the ultimate girl party. It’s the beginning of a decadent day of girl power, endless fun, extravagant shopping and room service that keeps on coming.


Galia Lahav’s “Gala X” Bridal Fall 2021 collection

In a world of uncertainty, there is one thing that at Galia Lahav they have always been sure of: love is a shining light in the dark and human connection brings joy even in the most difficult times. Read on to discover the tenth GALA collection in Galia Lahav’s 34-year bridal history.